About me

Francesco Urbano

My name is Francesco Urbano.
I am an IT Professional with over 25 years of experience.

I have worked as an IT project manager, IT consultant, software developer, frontend and backend web developer, database administrator, system administrator.

Currently, I work as a senior software developer at Lanit-Tercom.

Proactivity, a positive attitude and hard work are the key factors for success that I always bear in mind.

I think that learning must be a lifelong experience and I regularly attend online courses offered by educational institutions from all over the world.

I have followed online courses offered by Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, The Johns Hopkins University.

Currently, I am a “Global Freshman Academy” student at the Arizona State University,
and a “Graduate Certificate in Applied Project Management” student at the University of Adelaide.

I can code in Java, C++, Python and the functional programming language Flow.
LAMP is my preferred web development stack.

My current interest lies in functional programming.

You can contact me on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or by email.